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Version: 1.0
No special requirements
Designed By Deb
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/Me

Description - Global MedicalSheet

I have been pleased and people have shown appreciation for the original (now free) Microsoft Excel Personal Medical Information Sheet. This program is still available, and can be found on the menu to the left. The newest program available is the Global Medical Sheet, a $5 download that still requires Microsoft Excel. Some of the important capabilities of the Global Medical Sheet can be seen in the free sample (menu on left) which also requires Microsoft Excel. The sample has the same three options as the full program--language, automatic capitalization of entries/titles, and color of headings, but limits the amount of your information. Improvements in the full program -All medical information included on a one PaGE report -No formatting restrictions on inputs or outputs -No choosing from menus to enter information, allowing any entry -Information block titles available in four languages - English, Spanish, French, and German - any of which can be changed by the user to suit their individual preferences -Inputs appear on the reports as entered (or automatically capitalized if that option is chosen) -Entries, as well as the language or titles, can be changed or modified at any time -All heading titles could be translated and entered in a different language, making it usable for almost anyone. -Appearance of font, borders, row height or background can be changed by the user. The report appearance is now your choice.

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