Notebook Hardware Control Pro

Version: 2.0
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher
Manfred Jaider
Windows Vista/XP/2000

Description - Notebook Hardware Control Pro

With NoteBook Hardware Control you can easily control the hardware components of your Notebook NHC isn`t only very powerful; it has a friendly program surface, it`s easy to use and free for private use. A large number of users appreciate these advantages and NHC becomes one of the leading programs to control The Power and hardware of Modern notebooks. Why you should upgrade to the Professional Edition of NHC? 1. Profiles The NHC profiles allows you to change all NHC settings with one mouse click. You can you can add, remove or edit profiles with the profile editor and setup different NHC profiles for AC line and battery operation. 2. SERVICE The service allows you to use NHC on restricted (no administrator) user accounts. This will increase the security of your system. You can also use NHC on more user accounts at the same time. 3. COMMERCIAL USE The NHC Professional Edition can be used for the private and commercial use. 4. Support the NHC Project If you buy NHC Professional you will also support the NHC Project and the future development of NHC.

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