Version: 3.2c
No special requirements
Poster Software
Windows 98/NT

Description - DRAW-iT

DRAWIT is a Windows 95/98 shareware program for all your graphics and drawingneeds. It will let you make illustrations, signs, posters, and banners. DRAWIT combines the best features of graphics and desktop publishing - with additional features especially for big posters and banners. DRAWING FEATURES:o A full set of drawing tools (rectangle, line, oval, etc.).o Complete flexibility in the placement of graphics.o Quick shapes (triangle, arrows, etc.).o Apply textures and gradient fills (over 30 textures included).o Rotate, group, snap-to-grid, and other drawing features.PICTURE EDITING FEATURES:o Smooth pictures for smooth enlargements.o Sharpen and Blur pictures.o Change contrast, brightness, and color Balance.o Rotate pictures.o Clip pictures.GRAPHICS FILE IMPORT/EXPORT FEATURES:o Import pictures from BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX, PNG, TGA, EMF, and WMF files.o Export pictures and entire drawings as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX, PNG, TGA, EMF, and WMF files.o TWAIN interface lets you scan or feed digital cameras directly into DRAWIT.o Import OLE objects like Microsoft Graph and Wordart.o Copy and paste Between different applications and multiple copies of DRAWIT.TEXT FEATURES:o Supports all True-Type and Adobe Type Manager fontso Over 100 special text effects (like 3D, shadow, and arch). o Apply gradients and textures to text.o Rotate text.o Spelling checker.o Stretch standard True-type fonts for taller, wider, or distorted characters.PRINTING FEATURES:o Print on single page, or ENLARGE up to 9x9 feet, tiling over multiple pages.o Create banners on continuous forms paper (Epson, HP 6xx and 7xx, and Canon ink-jet printers).DOCUMENTATION:o Tutorial.o Extensive on-line help.o Over 100 examples and templates.DRAWIT is great for a wide variety of projects at work, school, home, or clubs:1. Creating illustrations for word processing or WEB projects.2. Converting graphics files from one format (like BMP or GIF) to another.3. Creating large posters for presentations, projects

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